My husband was in ICu--severe ketoacidosis and pancreatitis... He went on a water and vegetable diet and started drinking nothing but Kangen Water...He no longer takes any insulin or diabetic meds...He always drinks a gallon of water a day!

Soft drinks and sports drinks are the worst thing you can drink. You are drinking sugar and acid. Deadly stuff for the body...Start drinking water and it will change your life. The only thing worse than eating white sugar is drinking it as corn syrup.

Stay away from it and the carbonated drinks. Drink as much water as you can and use it to make herbal tea or a little coffee. Those are much less dangerous than carbonated and sports drinks.

Call me at 252-518-5755. I will tell you my story and help you with yours

Review about: Enagic Usa Water Conditioning System.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Great product and health ideas through the water system.

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I am so impressed with this keegan water it is outstanding. I had major health conditions and was on 9 different medications from blood pressure, to heart medication and starting drinking the water for 8 months and am down to 4 medications and still drinking.

So the slogan "Change your water, change your life is phenomeninal. I could not ask for a better product.

As far as the business side of life working from home and selling enagic products it is the best way to earn a living working from the confort from your own home. There is no cold calling nor selling to friends and family and more.

All you do is return calls to people that are wanting to buy the machine. Its awesome. Making income that is just insane.

If you want to change your life by the water and also your financial freedom you need to join enagic distribution. You can be making a 6 figure income in no time.

to Jessica #1436163

In Canada, false medical claims such as what the OP stated and Jessica made, constitute speech not protected by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms. There are precedent setting court cases in Canada that establish that false medical claims (referred to as fraudulent medication in the criminal code) such as these made by Kangen scammers constitute criminal acts.

It is simply a matter of time before one of these miracle cure pyramid "financial freedom" paddlers of fiction ends up in a Canadian federal penitentiary should one of their victims choose to press charges with the RCMP. There is no doubt that the parent company Enagic won't be posting your bond and defending you; you're certain to be all on your own.


My expensive Kangen machine is broken & I don't know where to get it fixed. It has been over 5 years & I have no more warranty. So disgusted.

to Anonymous #1379306

send straight back to enagic-- very few moving parts so cheap easy fixes... had my 20 yrs with no problem..

if you havent sent it i.

to enagic in 5 yrs for cleaning.. that may be all it needs

Jensen Beach, Florida, United States #1351620

Actually that amount of Profit to the uplines is normal in any company or product you computer is marked up 100% or more. These machines last and have true benefits.

I lost 120lbs changing my water. I started sharing my story and sold over 80 units in 2 years. Couldn't be a scam to do that.

Seriously. Not one person has returned the machine or complained.

to Jason #1365869

No Jason, MLM is not normal or remotely fair to those at the bottom of the pyramid scheme. That is why there are MLM survivor groups.

It is fully possible that you lost 120 pounds because of your "holy water"; I am not questioning the legitimacy of that statement. But what you say is a only a testimonial (which is the only supporting "evidence" ever provided by Kangen Water Scammers). Kangen Water is not a proven weight loss treatment, nor a treatment for anything.

I have no problem with testimonials such as yours that are used to promote the product provided no false promises of cure, treatment or benefit are made. However, I maintain that the MLM/pyramid compensation scheme of enagic is a scam and a destroyer of lives, families and friendships.

to The_Rationalist #1374105

But your statement of scam, destroyer of lives, families and friendships is contradicting your comment...where is your evidence of this? Who is getting scammed? A scam is the "IRS calling your cell phone to collect immediate payment over the phone otherwise they will send the local authorities"


So poster, when you sell a Kangen Water Machine to a victim (of which 70% of the profit goes to a variety of uplinks in the pyramid scheme), do you in writing certify with your signature that Kangen Water is a certified treatment for diabetes or whatever disease or ailment the client has? That would be honest now wouldn't it?

But you wouldn't because the person with the signed promise/contract could sue you for hundreds of thousands of dollars if Kangen Water didn't cure their diabetes or whatever miracle cure promises and testimonies you blow out of your rear end.

Anyone purchasing a Kangen Water Machine should insist on a signed document that certifies that Kangen Water is a legitimate treatment for their disease or ailment. If this was the case, Kangen miracle cure testimonials and promises would come to an abrupt and painfully litigious end (with many distributors living in a van down by the river).

to The_Rationalist Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1296868

B.S.! People who are helped, don't lie!

No one pays them for their testamony!!! Stop being a Critic, and do the research.....

to The_Rationalist #1303336

You're pretty irrational for being "The Rationalist". Go do some research on molecular hydrogen and business structure you little snowflake.

You probably posted this from your iPhone that costs $100 and was sold to you for $1000. But obviously you're too *** to understand economics and how business works.

to LOL Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1320793

So, both of you Engiac Shills have dished out ad-hominems and profanity, yet have failed to counter any of my arguments; how boring and predictable. The original post claims that Kangen Water is a cure for ketoacidosis, pancreatitis and diabetes and I assert that no such proof or certification has been established in any peer reviewed study or scientific journal.

No Western Doctor would prescribe Kangen Water as a treatment or cure for these conditions as they would lose their licence and be sued for malpractice and general medicall quackery. Thus, Kangen Water and its pyramid scheme salespeople are mere snake-oil salesmen if they make such claims. And all you two shills can do is name call, swear and claim I am wrong with no evidence, argument or proof. It is clear that the two of you are fine representatives of the lowest dregs of society that scam companies such as Engiac recruit (that prey on the elderly and naive) into their evil MLM/pyramid schemes.

How anyone can sleep at night while at the same convincing desperate people and seniors that this snake oil water can cure their ailments (the list of miracle cure claims and hollow testimonials is seeming endless) when legitimate western medicine can't astonishes me. But after all, 10% of the population are sociopaths...

to The_Rationalist Henderson, Nevada, United States #1328537

Why would Noted MD Dr. Hiromi Shinya LYE to the public in his books, mentioning Kangen Water by name.

As well as many noted MD,ND,DO's and noted MD Dr F. Batmanheldji Lie to his readers of what water can do. You are just another knockoff trying to discredit the pioneer in this industry as you are not making the $$ you wish to make. You are not as truthful as you appear to the known.

Why not mention the name of your product or are you afraid of reprisal. Get one of the knockoffs to give their testimony after 2 yrs of using yours or any other other than ENAGIC. You can't even spell it correctly. I specify 2 yrs as most do not last that long.

I have had mine for 10 years without problem as I maintain it as directed. Go fish somewhere else.

to The_Rationalist #1329424

Nice Anonymous, two red herring arguments in one post.

You jump on my typo yet your post is filled with grammatical errors (red herring no. 1).

You assume I sell filters from another snake oil water filter scam company.

I have stated multiple times that I do not (red herring no. 2).

You referenced Dr.Hiromi Shinya's work in Japan. Unfortunately, as I correctly asserted, he has never passed the mustard with his Kangen Water assertions in a North American peer reviewed medical journal.

By all means anonymous, the next time you sell Kangen Miracle water, promise it writing to the victim that the snake oil holy water you are flogging will cure ketoacidosis, pancreatitis and diabetes.

You will subsequently open yourself up for massive civil litigation, and possible serious jail time for fraud (and rightly so because selling miracle cures is criminal).

to The_Rationalist #1352165

actually you hVent done YOUR research! There are many research studies with benefits for ERW water( medical term for alkaline ionized water) and doctors who recommend Kangen as the best ERW water including the co-inventor of the colonoscopy--Dr Shinya ( recently retired)!!

Joke is on you! Stay sickly-its your choice!!

to The_Rationalist #1365868

Still waiting for to you send me your personal signature Anonymous on a written document asserting that Kangen Water is a proven treatment and cure for ketoacidosis and pancreatitis (and whatever personal health issues I may have). If you do so, I will gladly purchase a machine from you personally.

Since I "hVent" done my research, you have nothing to fear in terms of me suing the pants off of you (with the additional testimony of my personal physician) right? The best joke and the biggest laugh would be a Kangen-*** Man such as yourself facing civil litegation in court under these circumstances.

Such a case would be hopeless for you even with an army of attorneys. I would be happy to provide you my attorney's address in which to send the signed document.

to The_Rationalist #1372364

I am a Mother The of a 16 year long journey of her living with and managing type 1 diabetes. Any filtered water in a consistent basis can make the body function better. Her body operates even better when we give her Fuji water.

to The_Rationalist #1374106

"No Western Doctor would prescribe Kangen Water as a treatment or cure for these conditions as they would lose their licence and be sued for malpractice and general medicall quackery" The medical quackery exists in solely prescribing medications and fueling the pharmaceutical industry.

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