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I bought a Kangen and was told that it removed flouride and pharmaceuticals. I was even given a very nicely printed flyer stating these "FACTS"...

it was the MAIN reason why I bought the unit. After a few months of drinking the alkaline water I got a really bad taste in my mouth, literally. This was not the result of a cleanse detox, it was different. It felt like something was wrong with the water.

So I switched to neutral pH and The Taste seemed to go away. Then when I had to replace the filter, I got online to purchase a new one and I kept searching and searching and none of the filters said they removed fluoride and pharmaceuticals like I was told. You had to purchase a completely separate filter canister along with another filter and then have it attached to the Kangen machine to remove flouride/pharmaceuticals. When I called the company to confirm this, they said that indeed it did NOT remove fluoride and pharmaceuticals.

So I told them that I was lied to by their representative, and wanted to return my machine. Their response was, " we are not responsible for what our Representatives tell you"... therefore tough shit, you're stuck with your $3, 000 basic carbon filter machine and I wasn't even drinking alkaline water because it tasted like crap. So fine I kept it.

I am utterly disappointed with Kangen as well as the Integrity of the people that sell their machines. I could've purchased the same thing on Amazon for $800. The machine is truly a ripoff, the price is jacked up to pay everyone in the pyramid yet they lie to make a sale and then can't back up their product. I'd also like to add that I have had more health problems since I switched from drinking delivered spring water to Kangen water.

Most lukely because I was drinking fluoride and all kinds of crap that my body wasn't used to with the spring water . I had a major Dental infection and had to have three teeth pulled, It has aged me and also caused my cat to have urinary crystals. I measured the TDS and it was 300 ppm coming from the machine. This excessive particulate and can cause kidney stones, gall stones and all sorts of health problems.


S. I really wanted to love this machine

Product or Service Mentioned: Enagic Usa Jrii Water Filtration System.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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If You buy Enagic products thru Amazon most are the fake one or stolen from someone else. That's WHY is so cheap.

to Mr.Soon Canada #1476134

All MLMs say what Mr Canada says. In reality, reps buy these products so they are eligible for bonuses etc and find it difficult to sell.

When they end up with a load of unwanted products, they have to get rid of it, even if it means they make a loss. Ebay and Amazon are often the chosen sites that reps use.

Of course, if they are selling at a cheaper price, this puts other struggling reps in a difficult position as their products are even more difficult to sell as they are more expensive. The claim that products are fake are to protect the people in the pyramid and punish those that have been brave enough to leave.

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