I bought a brand new Leveluk machine with a faulty mother board!!

took it to repair to the Torrance plant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S C A M S !!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL REPAIRS COST $950 no matter what needs to be done

I called JAPAN distributor They have a special contact- agreement between them to charge this amount !!!!! for ANYTHING that does wrong !!!

My machine is BRAND NEW !!!!!!

The booklet that goes with the unit doesn't show any circuit design of the machine!!!!

They would not replace my brand new unused machine:

I am willing to do a class action suit against this company

You can contact me at pianoconnection@yahoo.com

If you had any issues with them let me know to STOP THIS ABUSE OF


Review about: Enagic Usa Repair.

Monetary Loss: $4450.

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If your machine was brand new and UNUSED how did you know the motherboard was defective?When my machine was 3 years old the control panel malfunctioned Enagic installed a new control panel and shipped me a loaner machine at no charge.

I didn't pay a dime even for shipping. Did you buy your machine from a authorized distributor? Your story is hard to unserstand.

There must be something you're not telling us.Did you drop the nachine?


I rarely post comments on the Internet but felt compelled to respond to this negative comment about Enagic USA because of my positive experiences with this product.

Enagic Electrolysis Water Generators are distributed through a network marketing compensation plan so people tell people about what they believe is a good product and opportunity.

I have witnessed Enagic standing behind their products and paying people generously in 3rd world countries where those governments do NOT create "jobs" for them like here in the USA.

I have owned an Enagic SD501 since 2008 and have totally different experiences with Enagic Repair Center in Torrance from the comments posted above.

In 2010 we traveled with our machine to Paris, France, and plugged it in but my converter was wrong and the power supply blew out! When we later took it into the Enagic Repair Center in Torrance they replaced the power supply and mother board with NO questions asked at NO Charge since my SD501 had a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Since 2008 I have shared the benefits of Kangen Water with friends and family who have had only positive health stories and their repairs have always been FREE!

My friend recently bought a new Kangen 8 Machine which had an issue so he called Torrance and was surprised to a service person in Japan picking up his call after California hours. Bottom line, my friend called me so impressed after he took his "K8" to Enagic Repair the next...

When I buy a car, TV, phone etc. I usually get a manufacturer warranty for ONE year only! My family and friends in different states and countries have been 100% satiafied with Enagic Repair Centers in Torrance, Hawaii, Seattle, Chicago, NY, Orlando, Canada, South America, Australia, and Europe for as long as I've owned my machine. I have a word of caution to people doing "research" on the Internet is "beware" of people who are trying to cause harm to this proven 40-year-old company, Enagic, with their manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan, and Enagic Offices in 26 locations around the world.

I hope my comments are helpful to those of you searching for the facts so you can do your proper due diligence.www.Health-Wealth-Builders.com www.HealthWealthBuilders.com

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to Anonymous Glendora, California, United States #1215805

Very disappointed with Enagic!!!I have so far 2 kangen machines,SD 501,and Leveluk K8.

The older model SD 501 was good,even though it was expensive. Levels K8 was given more expensive,total of $5.450 with tax, But the problem is that Enagic sold those machines,while they still in experimental stage!!! It,s been less than a year,and it’s been malfunctioning and having glitches.We wanted to exchange it for an older model,even though it was much cheaper,1200 dollars difference,and we were even ok with letting them keep the difference,but they didn’t agree,and it takes 3 weeks to wait in the line,until your machine is fixed!!! We don’t want that machine anymore, especially since it’s been less than a year and they must put new upgraded parts.

Which only proves that they knew the old parts were bad. And we are Guinea pigs for our own money! And now we are stuck with this unreliable unit for the rest of our lives!!! Let alone, customer service is NOT nice, NOT knowledgeable,and they don’t care!

It’s been very frustrating to deal with them.

Yes. Machine is good (the older model!). Water is good. BUT.

The rest is a mess!!! They need to deal with this! As a distributor, I am ashamed to recommend this company to the new buyers. I was very excited before I had to deal with it myself!

They do seminars on how to sell machines to the new buyers.

Instead, they should focus on providing high quality service to the existing...

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to Anonymous #1290439

I'm issue is very similar to yours, I have both the SD501 and K8, but my K8 is even newer, only within took me ten days to realized the Enhancer tank leakage.But the TX office and LA office both knew the problem of the K8, it's manufacturer's defect!

but the TX office was so insist on fixing the machine rather than allowing me to return it for a refund or even a downgrade.

As for the service?

well, lets forget it if your in TX region.You should not do buy the machine if you're happens to be in this region like myself.

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