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I rarely post comments on the Internet but felt compelled to respond to the negative comments about Enagic USA.

Enagic Electrolysis Water Generators are distributed through a network marketing compensation plan so people tell people about what they believe is a good product and opportunity. I have witnessed Enagic standing behind their products and paying people generously in countries around the world where governments do NOT create "jobs" like here in the USA. Free enterprise and producing income through Network Marketing is endorsed and recommended by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

I have owned an Enagic SD501 since 2008 and have had totally different experiences with the Enagic Repair Center in Torrance compared to comments posted in another review.

In 2010 we traveled with our machine to Paris, France, and plugged it in but my converter was the wrong one so the power supply blew out! Upon our return we took it into Enagic Repair in Torrance and they replaced the power supply and mother board with NO questions asked at NO Charge since my SD501 had a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Since 2008 I have shared the benefits of Kangen Water with friends and family who have had only positive health stories and their repairs have always been FREE!

My friend recently bought a new Kangen 8 Machine which had an issue so he called Torrance and was surprised to get a service person in Japan pick up his call after California hours. Bottom line, my friend called me so impressed after he took his "K8" to Enagic Repair in Torrance the next day and was given a BRAND NEW K8 in the box to replace his defective one. This happened to him TWO TIMES since Enagic in Japan wanted all K8 machines sent to Osaka where they have technicians skilled to work on these new models.

My personal experiences since 2008 have demonstrated that Enagic stands behind their products 100% and after my 5-Year Warranty, I purchased a 3-Year Extended Warranty for $250 and the Repair Center replaced a damaged titanium platinum plate in my machine due to our 2 years of neglecting to get the recommended Deep Clean Service for $40 once per year to keep the minerals from building up on plates which can damage machines and lower the quality of Kangen Water.

When I buy a car, TV, phone etc. I usually get a manufacturer warranty for ONE year only! My family and friends in different states and countries have been 100% satiafied with Enagic Repair Centers in Torrance, Hawaii, Seattle, Chicago, NY, Orlando, Canada, South America, Australia, and Europe for as long as I've owned my machine.

I have a word of caution to people doing "research" on the Internet - "Beware" of people who are trying to cause harm to this 40-year-old company, Enagic, with their own manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan, and Offices in 26 locations around the world.

I hope my comments are helpful to those of you searching for the facts so you can do your proper due diligence.



mokita wrote the review because of good quality at Enagic Usa and attached photos and videos. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Enagic Usa to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Enagic Usa and enagic usa repair for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Yes, let's analyze this Kangen Shill's rhetoric and technique closely.

"network marketing compensation" = Pyramid Scheme/MLM

"Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump" = name dropping of celebrities to add undue credibility (most MLM/Ponzi Schemes do this).

"positive health stories" = unsubstantiated, fantastical testimonials

"Beware of people who are trying to cause harm to this 40-year-old company" = undermine the credibility and intent of those with legitimate complaints about Enagic rather than addressing the complaints (i.e.

avoid the questions). This is also known as an Ad-Hominem argument, which is of course a basic fallacy type.

Lastly, provide a link to the website where you sell your products, which of course is not a safe place to find un-biased information.

to Anonymous #1043916

What's really interesting about this "review" is that the exact same story about traveling with the family to Paris and blowing the machine up with the wrong voltage and getting it repaired for free was recently told to me by a different Enagic distributor in Oregon, NOT by the Okitas in Southern California. The story was told to me as having happened to them personally.

What I would like to know, is which one of them is lying?

to Anonymous San Marcos, California, United States #1043941

Amazing how personal experiences in life shared with our own family and friends is called "lying" by unknown people sitting behind a keyboard who criticize people they never talked to before. While we are improving lives around the world others thrive on tearing people down.

I hope perceptive readers can see that honest hard working people are too busy to counter keyboard assassins who have nothing better to do than cast doubts on a global movement that nobody can stop because WATER is essential to every living thing on earth.

Thanks to these skeptics who take time to post negative comments on this blog for the world to read their thoughts.

Visit my Facebook Page to read PubMed Clinical Studies on "Electrolyzed Reduced Water" on Leukemia Cells and Pesticides on Produce. Do your own research!


My Kangen Water Playlist of Videos

www.YouTube.com/MarilynOkita Have a fantastic day! Marilyn Okita

to Marilyn Okita #1046250

"personal experiences in life shared with our own family and friends" = unsubstantiated miracle cures with no scientific proof or research

Note the link anonymous provides - /healthWEALTHbuilders

If the purpose of Kangen Water was to promote or improve health, why the emphasis on Wealth? It is only MLM and pyramid scheme companies that use these types of URLs. Go figure...

to Marilyn Okita #1172720

Hey Rationalist,

I have been reading comments on a lot of this site over the past couple days researching this product. You are by are the biggest antagonist on this site when it comes to Enagic.

I was just wondering what it is exactly that you do? Im not looking for a ""personal experiences in life shared with our own family and friends" = unsubstantiated miracle cures with no scientific proof or research

Note the link anonymous provides " answer that seems to come up everytime some says something good about the product. I can't even tell if you have tried/researched/possibly distributed for enagic or its products. Im not taking any sides here, I have just been looking for more information myself.

I do not own an enagic product.

Although I have tried the water a couple times. I have done some research on enagic but you seem to be the one who knows the secret of why they are so aweful so I would just like to know where it is coming from and why?

to Marilyn Okita #1189124

Hello Anonymous. I just noticed your post now and will answer your questions.

Incidentally, I see myself as a protagonist, not as an antagonist. The reason I am upset with Enagic (and all MLM/network marketing companies) is not because of what they have done to me, but how they destroyed the lives of two of my closest friends. They would never speak out due to their shame and embarrassment. I feel compelled to speak on their behalf based on what I have witnessed and researched (they do not know that I am speaking for them).

My friends were promised all sorts of great riches and successes, and promised endless health benefits (testimonials), of which none turned out to be true. They repeatedly tried to convince me to participate and shared all the MLM clap-trap with me over and over again. In the end, they lost money, family, friends and had no health benefits. The parent company and the uplinks never cared about the wreckage left behind (both divorced, both ended up in financial ruin, and both lost family and friends).

Most importantly, I am upset at myself because I was unable to save them at the time, and now it is too late. As I stated in another one of my posts, if Enagic sold its products through regular stores/supply and distribution chains (not through MLM/network marketing), and strictly disciplined any dealer who made false health claims and false cure promises, I would happily and enthusiastically withdraw my criticisms and let the matter rest.

to Marilyn Okita #1233537

Hello, Rationalist. Sucks that happened to your friends.

Like most things in life, it's not for everyone. I sincerely hope things have been better for all of you.

Be happy and positive. Cheers!

to Anonymous #1233531

Maybe it happened to both. It's a common "oh ***" moment for Americans visiting Europe.

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