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Without a doubt, MLM/Pyramid Scheme companies have been fleecing victims for decades and Kangen/Enagic is no exception; destroying families and tearing apart friends and communities. Most of these products are snake-oil "lotions and potions" promising to heal the sick and to extend life. Not one of them, however, likely ever has. In true Pyramid Scheme/MLM fashion, Kangen Distributors promise that their $4,000+ machine will extend life, cure cancer and at least 50 other ailments, and make the participant rich beyond their wildest imaginings (insert picture of big house, yacht and expensive sports car here). The company itself would never make such claims because they would be sued into non-existence. These "independent businesspeople"/distributors/network marketing consultants cite "miracle cure testimonials" by the dozens, yet credible research and formal case studies are of course predictably absent and lacking. If this machine actually cured disease, then it would surely be sold as a legitimate medical device and would be found in stores, clinics and doctors offices (they are not except in Japan where Enagic has accomplished so by dubious means). Distributors counter this argument by claiming a "medical conspiracy of the west" that aims to keep this "miracle cure" from the public (should this desperate argument surprise anyone?).

Clearly, the blatantly illegal words of pyramid schemers should not be trusted with regards to your health and treatment to serious diseases.

Kangen is evil and dangerous because it prevents/delays people from pursuing legitimate medical treatment under the guise of "miracles" and "faith healing". I often wonder how many people have had their health negatively impacted while they sat and waited for the placebo effect of Kangen miracle water to "cure them".

Furthermore, these MLM / Pyramid Scheme distributors are quick to wage war on anyone making critical posts about the company using Ad-Hominem attacks rather than addressing the legitimate criticisms that Kangen Water does not provide a proven cure or treatment for any disease or medical condition. They will typically accuse detractors as being from a competing company rather than addressing the issues presented (I myself don't sell water filters/purifiers, etc. or work in the health care/MLM/water treatment industry so don't even bother trying in the comments section). Just like all pyramid schemes and MLM scams, the vast majority of participants in the product lose money or make little to no money.

If Enagic Kangen Water machines were sold with no promises of riches, miracle cures or any health benefits then I would have no problem with it. It is the lies, false promises and pyramidal/get-rich-quick nature of the company that makes it evil, twisted and wrong.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Demand that all your "independent network marketing consultants" stop illegally claiming that Kangen Water cures and treats disease. .

I didn't like: Miracule cure promises and mlmpyramid scheme compensation plan.

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Your article does not make any sense at all. The business structure is an 8 point paid system and a direct sales company.

Enagic states that you cannot depend on just one direct sale. Sales happen based on when the action of a referral happens. There is no other water that can cure dehydration like Enagic. Notice how I said that if you are dehydrated, Enagic Kangen Water can cure that part.

Electroylzed Reduced Water is the best water that's out there.

But if your consuming a lot of acidity beverages like sodas, energy drinks, Gatorade, and also consuming junk food a lot then you will not notice the health benefits because of the choices you are making. But for disease's and cancers that other percentage comes down to the individuals health choices, and having treatments and medical attention based on how the procedures of operation works out.


In case anyone is interested in the actual research performed on Kangen Water:http://www.kangenwaterionizers.com/Kangen_Water_Research.html

to Shannon Black #1466299

@Shannon I think the quote on the parent company's own website of "The information provided here and throughout this site is intended for informational and educational purposes and is not meant to cure or treat any disease or illness. Consult your doctor for specialized medical advice." states it all.

Kangen Water is not a treatment for anything according to their own website and own admission.

Now if only the distributors would fall in line. So if you want to get into selling over-priced water treatment machines that provide dubious at best, if not any health benefits in a bloated unfair MLM/pyramid scheme, by all means...Case closed.


The scariest part is that there are morons out there that actually believe in this garbage.

to Anonymous #1453115

The scariest part is there are *** like you who does not know what they're talking about!

to Anonymous #1550200

Well Anonymous, I am not a moron, but I am a 100% believer in the healing power of the 2.5 Kangen water by Enagic. Why?

I myself was in bad need of help, but didn't have health insurance. Knowing nothing about Kangen water or Enagic, a friend suggested I try the 2.5 Kangen before going to the hospital from a staff infection occurring from a human bite on my arm. The 2.5 was brought to me that day and I began to soak my arm in the water 3 times daily for 20 minutes at a time. After two days my arm was looking significantly better.

After two weeks of soaking my arm there was no sign of infection, no redness, no pain...nothing. My arm looks completely normal and has remained that way for a year at this point. I am not a moron and I am not a liar. Why would I care to say this?

Not once was I approached about purchasing the machine or anything else and I am not a seller of the machine. I simply received badly needed help. A friend offered that help and that is all there is to it. Since then I have asked the friend for more of the 2.5 water to address numerous injuries, and every single time it has done it's work to heal quickly.

You know what would have happened had I gone to the hospital? They would have grafted skin from somewhere else on my body and used it to replace the skin on my injured arm. This was not a small injury in any way. I am not a distributor, I have never been approached to become a distributor (or seller) - merely someone who has experienced amazing healing from this water and will always be convinced of it's healing power!

Nothing anyone can say will offend or persuade me to believe that I did not see what I saw - more than once. If I didn't think that you are a moron, Anonymous, I would personally send pictures I took of the amazing process that took place when the healing began.

There is ignorance, then there is stupidity, and stupidity is when an ignorant person refuses to learn. Lots of people like you fall into that category.

Albany, New York, United States #1217423

To edify your use of terms Pyramid and MLM. Multi Level Marketing is, in most cases, not a SCAM.

There are products being sold and monies exchanged for goods. Therefore, not a Pyramid. A Pyramid would entail paying money, with no product or merchandise being involved. A perfect "trickle down" affect.

Based on the pitch, it's a top down pay out, and one hopes to enroll enough new people in order to be pushed to the upper layers, thereby getting at least the initial investment back. Multi Level Marketing has, and will always be selling products; Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Shaklee, Amway, Arbonne to mention a few very successful and long lived MLM companies. Tupperware is another. None could be labeled Pyramid.

FYI, Enagic has been listed as one of the top 100 business at home companies for 2016. I am not affiliated with Enagic and have done my due diligence.

to Anonymous #1259739

"Pyramid" is where each level pays more than the prior level... so the $1 watch becomes a $50 watch at the end...

the last person "looses" because they pay $50 for a $1 watch and no one wants that piece of junk for $51....

MLM is how most things are done... car sales, and a huge part of the economy.

San Diego, California, United States #1206265

Enagic the company hides its employees through their compensation to 'contractors' (ie. the pyramid).

My deadbeat ex husband (owes over $40k in child support) sells Enagic equipment and is always working, presumably with others below him. Calls to the company and subpoena's say that the contractors work alone and only buy from them if needed so they aren't employees, this goes against all the Enagic selling logic.

He is always telling out friends of the magic abilities that Kangen water has, but unfortunately, it does have powers for him to take care of his son.

I would never use this company based on this alone.

Smithers, British Columbia, Canada #1198877

I purchased a Kangen SD-501 and I am very happy with it. I am sleeping better and have more energy in the day, working out is much easier and my acid reflex is decreasing after not even a month of drinking the water.

I just started marketing the machines and I will stand behind them 100%.im sorry you got lied to, it is not a miracle machine but science simply proves how it works and everyone gets different results from it.

Nobody told me I was going to get rich and I don't expect to but a little extra income would be nice. I guess you just have to be careful who you deal with.

to Anonymous Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #1200554

While my point of view may differ, I wanted to take the time to compliment your respectful tone and language Anonymous. It would be highly beneficial to the reputation of Enagic and its distributors if more conducted themselves in this manner.

to Anonymous #1217288

There is NO scientific proof that this works. It is a scam.

Plain and simple.

No medical benefit etc. Do your research.

to Fred #1259737

"No scientific proof..." I'd suggest you do some research. We've been testing the fx of ionization for decades...

google the term.

"Medical Proof" usually means " Big pharama treatment experiments" and nothing more...

Medicine has been flawed since its origins, and part of the public fantasy is that "medical science" is represented in the drugs and treatments prescribed. They are simply what is licensed by a defective bureaucracy that governs 'all things medical'.

As someone who has worked since 90's with pharam co's, I suggest you let go of the 'conventional wisdom' since that is the same body of thought that wilingly licenses pharam that have lethal side effects...

to Anonymous Jupiter, Florida, United States #1260116

No Joe

to Anonymous #1414436

Yet ...no FDA or health Canada approval or case studies that will back up the claim. This scam uses its own sellers as victims and entices them to sell the product after buying it. The machine looks like a dialysis machine ffs

to Fred #1469787

Not true...The Mayo clinic in New York only uses this water for its patients. Also all the hospitals in Japan use it too


Most of the people bought the machine because they tried the water for free and it helped them. One thing for sure you are a Pharma Troll.

You get paid by posting negative comments on holistic approach.

You make money while people dying from cancer. Thats pure evil

to Anonymous #1158550

Hello Anonymous,

Being that I don't make a cent from posting on this site, or sell any of these snake oil water treatment products, your claim that I am evil and am a profiteer is comical. You indirectly reference people dying from cancer as a result of being kept away from the miracles of the "Kangen Holy Water".

That is the pot calling the kettle black indeed. Making false claims that Kangen Water cures cancer in order to sell $5000 dollar water machines via a pyramid scheme is as evil as it gets.

After all, snake oil salesman are generally regarded as a class of ***-men, thieves and liars. Now please take a good long look in the mirror Anonymous, and then see if you can still have a good sleep at night afterwards.

to The_Rationalist #1158722

How much Pharma paying you to post this?

to Anonymous #1158835


You asked this question already in your first post and I answered it directly in my reply (I will not repeat myself).

If you are going to engage in a conversation, the least you can do is to take the time to read and understand the posts of others in the thread. Failing to do so reduces your credibility and makes you appear irrational.

Now I will pose the question to you, do you sell Kangen Water Machines and if so, is it under the guise of curing disease and ailments despite the complete lack of scientific research substantiating such claims? Alternatively, do you receive financial compensation for making these shill postings online?

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