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Purchased a K8 machine, it was the best investment I could have made for my families health. We were spending more on acidic bottled water than the cost of our machine. Our kids also prefer the water over sugary drinks.

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Very disappointed with Enagic!!! I have so far 2 kangen machines,SD 501,and Leveluk K8. The older model SD 501 was good,even though it was expensive. Levels K8 was given more expensive,total of $5.450 with tax, But the problem is that Enagic sold those machines,while they still in experimental stage!!! It,s been less than a year,and it’s been malfunctioning and having glitches.We wanted to exchange it for an older model,even though it was much... Read more

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this machine was sold to my mother who has Pancreatic Cancer she is 79 yrs olds for 3,900 dollars the worst thimg she ever did in her life the lady who talked her nto this machine already knew her days were numbered fed her the hope that this water would help cure her it helped her when she was sick note not cancer and infection in her legs she recovered all she needs is this water and then moved on to $400 vitamins she was so sick after taking... Read more

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No one has ever said Kangen Water is a cure for anything. The cure for everything is your immune system. Kangen Water is not a cure. However, many people experience dramatic health improvements after drinking Kangen Water and share their stories. It's up to you to believe or not believe what is said but no one is saying Kangen Water cures anything. There has to be some responsibility on the side of consumers to buy or purchase a Kangen Water... Read more

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Awesome experience with the Enagic K8 perfectly and reliably. The water is safe and healthy. It's perfectly alkaline. Saves the environment by avoiding adding to the disaster of billions of plastic water bottles sold by Pepsi (Aquafina) and Coca-Cola (Dasani) going into our landfills. (Please write your critique against them). You can produce cleaning and disinfecting water. The business plan is a direct sales plan, not MLM.... Read more

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Ok, so you pay a couple of thousand of dollars for a machine that does not work. It produces normal tap water. There is no difference in how you feel, at least not for me. Then you get these annoying automated calls from the company on payments that have already been made. They need to update their phone calls. This is a sign of bad business. And the business side, good that we did not even go there. This is a scam, the whole thing. There is... Read more

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I purchased 3 of these great beneficial machines but i was lied to on the business and friendship end. Iguess thats what happens when people becomes sales. I purchased the machine in Nov and dec. Because of the health benefit ideas and as friend to the distributors i was willing enough to support him his wife and his baby boy be part of the business and help my mother, sister, father. He presented himself to me at 24 hf and even invited him to... Read more

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Well don't get me started. All you people out there that are discounting the Kangen water machine I am here to tell you. that my daughter was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, ms, IC bladder disease, she had swelling in her hands and feet. she could not work. She got on the water and in 4 months she was off all her medications and now she is an active member in society. She works a 40 hour work week and still has energy threw the roof. no signs or... Read more

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I found this website by looking up the corporate office in Los Angeles and out of curiosity, I decided read. Wow! The competition sure paid their way into these posts. Anyone that owns one of these machines and bought it properly-that is, the only way Enagic sells their machines with their full warranties knows the negative comments in this website is just absolutely bogus to a point where i have to laugh about it! I mean people claiming that... Read more

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They are tying to over charge me for out of warranty repairs because i did not buy the machine new from them They have two rates. One for registered owners who bought the machine new and another rate for those who did not. I bought the machine legally off eBay. had it several years. It's working very intermittently. Talked to repair about 6 months ago. Was quoted about $500 for power supply. I mentioned the Song-Beverly Act that protects... Read more

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